Interactive Student Assemblies




Students and staff will move and breathe mindfully throughout this one-hour information-packed journey into neuroscience.

The Brain-Boost Student Assembly delivers a targeted message about learning, physical and emotional wellness, and our amazing brain, while actively engaging all audience members.

Interactive and visual models of the brain and its neurons excite students to learn the science behind their own learning through a growth-mindset approach.

Called "MIRACLE-GRO for the brain", the effect of movement, mindful breathing, healthy hydration, and positive affirmation on learning is profound. The Brain-Boost Assembly will empower your school community and increase the likelihood that what you are teaching is learned.

WHY:  ​

Children are not wired to sit all day.  Studies prove that better results are possible when the science behind learning and the brain meets the classroom. Children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing, and more successful memory retention than kids who spend the day sitting still.  Additionally, it is possible for students to develop greater control over the part of the brain responsible for executive functioning - including impulse control, organizational skills, and decision making.

Even greater is the empowerment that comes with learning about the brain and developing a Growth-Mindset.  When children and teachers learn the “WHY” behind these wellness and Brain-Boosting strategies, they are more likely to adopt them as part of their daily routine.

We tend to think of the brain as something we all have but something that we have little control over. Neuroscientists would tell you that this is absolutely not the case. The functioning of the brain IS within our control to a greater degree than most of us are aware of. 

Learning how the brain works is especially important for students who believe that they are “not smart” and that nothing they do can change that. 

Many children and even some parents and teachers think that intelligence is determined at birth and that even intense effort will not budge their academic abilities. The realization that they can literally change their brains by incorporating 4 easy to practice strategies is very empowering. 

Lack of movement and other basic self-care practices is leading to chronic disease, obesity, depression, addiction to devices, behavioral issues, and tuned out kids. Add this to a generation of children who are more anxious, depressed, and suicidal than any generation before, and the need to focus on wellness increases significantly.


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