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No Child Left on their Behind

Featuring The R.I.S.E. Sequence


Knowing that we have the power to influence the brain's abilities is exciting and important new information for teachers (and their students) to have.

The science of Neuroplasticity - the brain’s amazing capacity to grow, change, and adapt - is explained during this motivational staff development, along with four of the most powerful influencing factors that are in all of our control. 

While learning about the brain, teachers will participate in The R.I.S.E Sequence - an actionable way to help students stay focused and engaged throughout the day while improving memory skills, cognition, executive function, and motivation.

Powerful, yet simple enough to implement the very next day, The R.I.S.E Sequence is an effective way to get the entire school community "off their behinds" and "accessing their minds"!


We all know that we are living in times of high stress.  We are seeing an increase in anxious, depressed, and emotionally out of control children as a result of high pressure to perform, social influences, technology, and their sometimes toxic environments.

Neuroscience gives evidence to the fact that movement positively impacts emotions, motivation, cognition, and executive-function.  Movement connects student's brains like nothing else!  If we want our students to feel better and retain information easily, we must get them out of their chairs and utilize this well-researched principle to "BOOST the BRAIN"!  

Instead of "No Child Left Behind", this program promotes “No Child Left ON Their Behind” !

If we want to empower students to succeed, we must show them how they can develop an internal locus of control over their own cognitive and emotional health. Teaching students how the brain operates is a huge step.  Even the youngest students can learn strategies for priming their brains to learn more efficiently. 

You may be thinking, "But how can teachers teach wellness, on top of an already packed schedule?"

"How can they do this easily, quickly, and effectively?"

In a matter of minutes, the easy to implement R.I.S.E Sequence gets children moving more, taking mindful-breathing breaks, staying hydrated throughout the day, and utilizing positive self-affirmations that impact BOTH teachers AND students inside and outside of the classroom.

When we teach them to use these simple strategies, our children R.I.S.E to success - becoming less anxious, stressed and depressedmore resilient, and able to exhibit their true potential as human beings.


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