The R.I.S.E Sequence

A highly motivating and actionable sequence based on brain research that helps teachers and students achieve: 

  • increased focus

  • improved memory and retention of information

  • self-regulation and fewer behavioral issues

  • consistently high student attendance

  • an easy way to incorporate wellness and self-care into the school day

The R.I.S.E Sequence can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the needs of the class when the wellness timer rings.  Your timer can be set to go off every 20 minutes for younger students or every 30 minutes for older students.  Research shows that rising at least every 30 minutes is needed to reinvigorate the brain and counteract the negative effects of sitting.

Students may need a longer or more vigorous movement activity on a rainy day for example, or they may need more time spent on a calming breath if they have just come from an active time of the day.  The R.I.S.E Sequence is a flexible way to give the entire classroom or school community what they need most at any given time.

Features of the Sequence:

Regular hydration breaks to keep the brain from fatigue, dehydration, headaches and brain fog while teaching responsibility for self-care. 

Frequent movement activities - proven to stimulate the brain’s learning centers - improving memory, cognitive ad executive functioning, and retention of information.

Mindful breathing breaks - improving emotionally driven and impulsive behaviors,  increasing classroom focus, providing stress relief, and helping children to self-regulate. 

Empowering Affirmations because the brain believes what we tell it!​

All Wellness Warrior programs include emphasis on these 4 major components to help your school community thrive!


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