Parent Workshops


Brain-Basics for Parents


In a way that 'hits home', this Wellness Warrior workshop teaches parents critical information about how the brain learns and what they can do to foster a healthy environment for their child's developing brain.

Participants will learn the power of more movement (less screen time), basic mindful breathing, healthy hydration & nutrition, and the importance of sleep for the learning brain. ​

Through graphic storytelling and experiential learning activities, parents will come away with an understanding of some of the key elements for raising a successful learner, and strategies to help their Brain-Healthy Family manage the stresses of the ever-changing world we live in.


Educators know that learning begins in the home.  With technology and less outdoor play keeping children more sedentary, it is especially important for parents to understand the effects of these modern ways of life on their child's brain and school success.

While advances in technology have benefited society in numerous ways, more screen timeless play and less movement are also having a huge impact on children's health, the development of their brains, and their success in the classroom. 

Parents are seeking strategies to help their child navigate the challenges of school, health, social pressures, emotions, and stress.

When they learn that there are some simple wellness strategies that can have a huge impact on their child's brain, parents are empowered and are more able to understand their child and help them to succeed. 


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